Douglas Harland creates Terracotta and Concrete Plaques, Ornaments, and Herb Markers for the Home and Garden

Garden Accessories by
Douglas Harland

Terracotta Plaques
These Plaques are all original designs, hand cast in Terracotta. They look great inside and outside. They have a green wash that brings out the detail. To place an order Email me. Thanks!!

$22.00 P5 Sun Plaque 8"x8"

$22.00 P6 Sun Plaque 8"x8"

$22.00 P8 Moon Plaque 8"x8"

$12.00 P1 Sun Plaque 6"x6"

$12.00 P2 Sun Plaque 6"x6"

$12.00 P3 Sun Plaque 6"x6"

$12.00 P4 Sun Plaque 6"x6"

$12.00 P7 Sun Plaque 6"x6"

$12.00 P9 Moon Plaque 6"x6"

$12.00 P10 Sun 6"x6"

$24.00 P30 Imagine Moon 11"x8"

$24.00 P31 Welcome Sun 11"x7"

$22.00 P32 Welcome Plaque 8 1/2"x7"

$22.00P33 Welcome Plaque 10"x7 1/2"

$20.00 P20 Daffodil 4 1/2"x12 1/2"

$20.00P22 Tulip P22 4 1/2"x11 1/4"

$20.00 P23 Amaryllis 4 1/2"x11 1/4"

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