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Garden Accessories by
     Douglas Harland
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These Terracotta Rocks look great with Herbs and Potted Plants.
They come in Plain Terracotta, Dark Stained Lettering, and Painted assorted colors, Gold, Patina, antiqued Bronze.

To place an order phone  541-592-2937.Fax  541-592-2935, or
Email me. 
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Plain Terracotta                                            .99ea
Dark Stained Lettering                            $1.12ea
Painted assorted colors
Gold,Patina.Antiqued Bronzed               $1.25ea
Herb Rocks

R3   Basil                  R100   Catnip                     R106   Garlic
R7   Oregano            R101   Chamomile            R107   Lavender
R8   Parsley              R102   Chives                    R108   Marjoram
R10 Rosmary           R103   Cilantro                   R109   Mint
R11 Sage                 R104    Dill                          R110   Savory
R12 Thyme               R105    Fennel                    R112   Tarragon


R20   Love               R26   Harmony                    R34   Wisdom     
R21   Dream            R27   Faith                          R35   Wonder
R22   Remember    R29   Magic                         R36   Truth
R23   Hope              R30   Amore                       
R24   Peace            R31   Goddess
R25   Joy                  R32   Imagine