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Garden Accessories by
     Douglas Harland
     Garden & Herb Markers
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These Herb Markers and Garden Stakes will look great in any garden.They are shrink rapped on to cardboard with Bronze Stakes.
They make great gifts. The designs are cast in Terracotta with a green stain which brings out the detail.
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H10 Basil Sage Thyme                              $12.00ea
H11 Basil Marjoram Oregano                   $12.00ea
H12 Parsley Sage Thyme                          $12.00ea
H13 Lavender Chives Rosemary              $12.00ea
Single Herb Markers with 10in. Bronze Rod
S60 Sun
S64 Flowers
S68 Small Suns
S90 Small Assorted
S101 Suns
S72 Angels
S91 Assorted
S93 Bugs
S125 Assorted
S121 Suns
Douglas Harland
PO Box 109
Cave Junction, OR 97523

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