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Garden Accessories by
     Douglas Harland

Here are books that I like for one reason or another, and I thought you might like them also. They are here in association with
If nothing else,  the Cover Art is fun to look at!!!

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    The Mosaic Book : Ideas, Projects and Techniques
by Peggy Vance and Cekia Goodrick-Clarke

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    Simple Fountains for Indoors & Outdoors : 20 Step-By-Step Projects
by Dorcas Adkins
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    Gardens of Obsession : Eccentric and Extravagant Visions
by Gordon Taylor, Guy Cooper
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    Garden Whimsy
by Tovah Martin, Richard W. Brown (Photographer)

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    Garish Gardens Outlandish Lawns
by Ronald C. Modra, Mary Beth Roberts 

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    The Art of the Bonsai Potato Kit: Zen - Without the Wait!
by Jeffrey E. Fitzsimmons, Jim Linna (Photographer), Mike Dillon

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    The Bonsai Workshop
by Herb L. Gustafson
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    The Art of Suiseki : Classic Japanese Stone Gardening
by Willi Benz
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    Garden Ornaments : A Stylish Guide to Decorating Your Garden
by Martha Baker, Chuck Baker (Photographer), Anne Marie Cloutier

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    Artistically Cultivated Herbs : How to Train Herbs As Decorative Art
by Elise Felton, Hilda Wilson (Illustrator)

    Artistically Cultivated Herbs : How to...
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